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    Richard Fetik's personal web site. Permanently a work in progress, with stuff I want to share: published articles, book excerpts, essays (not another blog :-), downloads of software inventions, and the more interesting of the photos I've taken over the years.

    Thanks for visiting my web site.

    The original intent was to provide a home for my out-of-print writings, as well as a place from which folks can download some of my old software. After I started, I decided to add some other material. The current goals include a place to put my resume and current work, essays on various topics, and important links. Of course, this web site will be 'under construction' for years, as I collect content from old boxes.

    I'm currently porting security related applications to Flash drives. I currently have the password safe application running well off of a flash drive, along with compression software (so that a 256Mb Flash drive effectively has about 733Mb of usable space). My next steps are anti-virus software, and a disk encryption mechanism (probably PGPdisk). Then I'll start playing with a write-lock mechanism (for read-only mode) and bootable Fash drives, so I can take my secure Linux with me on the road :-).

    I recently did some work on a distributed system administration technology that employs configuration management tools and active monitoring to detect attacks that slip past other defenses. The algorithms include a mixture of Bayesian and heuristic decision making, and some other stuff. A key result is that the complexity is in the model design, not the algorithms. More in the paper I'll write later. I'll probably also make the code available for download.

    Thanks again for visiting here. If something catches your attention, please let me know. All flames to alt.flame please :-). [BTW, please do not harvest my email address for a spam list. I will take any legal action possible against such an invasion of my space.]

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